2. Franklin was image conscious

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3. Franklin knew the value of networking

He also knew how to communicate his vision to others, often using his press as a vehicle for strategic public relations work. When the Pennsylvania Assembly was debating raising the limits on the amount of paper currency in the colony, Franklin wrote an anonymous pamphlet that swung the tide in favor, A Modest Enquiry into the Nature and Necessity of a Paper-Currency. He was then awarded the lucrative commission to print the currency, having also come up with an ingenious way to thwart counterfeiting by using unique leaf prints. And when Franklin’s friend, Dr. Thomas Bond, approached him to suggest that Philadelphia needed a hospital, Franklin immediately came up with the motivating concept of a matching funds donation, and wrote inspiringly in his Gazette about our shared moral duty to help the sick.

4. Franklin took risks, but only very calculated risks

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Even as a young tradesman, Franklin sought to improve himself and his community. He organized weekly meetings of a small group of other tradesmen and artisans, called a Junto. At their weekly meetings they asked how they “may be serviceable to mankind? to their country, to their friends, or to themselves?” In between establishing a university, hospital, lending library, militia, firefighting brigade, learned society, and insurance company, Franklin and his fellow Junto members sent plenty of business each other’s way.

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The intensity comes honestly. After a life of hard knocks, Bradley got his first big break at age 62, when Daptone, a record label helping him bring about a resurgence of soul music, release his first album, “No Time For Dreaming.”

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Sometimes, when you hear me scream, I scream because it’s like 30 words coming to me at one time. I cannot sing those 30 words. I can’t, so I scream it.

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Bradley grew up in New York City and spent most of his life on the cusp over poverty. As a young adult, he spent time living on the streets. With little education and few opportunities, he struggled to make ends meet.

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Supported by a group of funk all-stars called the Menahan Street Band, he’s been on tour for a year to promote his album “Victim of Love,” packing intimate venues across North America, Europe and Down Under, the fans who come to bear witness to Bradley preach the gospel of soul.

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It’s the voice and the energy that grab you first, a new force in old-fashioned soul music that’s garnered a small, but growing following for Charles Bradley.