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Shopping in Victoria Secret with a gift card in my hand and looking at big red signs that say sale, is definitely my kind of Saturday. That was the day I grew a strong belief for something incredible. I know that Lip Gloss is one of the best inventions and I believe that every girl should carry a tube in her back pocket.

I know that Lip Gloss is one of the best inventions and I believe that every girl should ..

I walked around Victoria Secret in awe that there were so many sales going on. I didn’t even know where to start my shopping. I looked to my left and saw eye shadow and blush, three for fifteen dollars! On my right was lotion and perfumes, two for ten dollars. Could this day get any better? I think it could! Straight ahead of me, heaven is what I call it, were racks of assorted lip gloss. Not only were there over thirty different kinds to choose from, they were on sale three for seven dollars. I walked over to this rack of heaven trying to decide which kind I should get. There were too many good ones. I ended up buying over ten different kinds of lip gloss; call me addicted.

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1 x Waterproof Matte liquid lipstick Long Lasting lip gloss Lipstick ..

The typical form of this species has yellowish-green flowers with varying amounts of brown-black on the lip. In fma. purpurea, usually found in populations outside of our state, the flowers are suffused with rose and have a deep purple lip. A distinct population of Pteroglossaspis found at Potts' Preserve in Citrus County has caused some confusion, which some deem to be a population of fma. purpurea, while others maintain it as a separate species, , with most favoring the former. I have chosen to maintain P. pottsii as a separate species on this site for the time being, after hearing first-hand the account of this population from Joel DeAngelis, one of the rangers at the preserve. He maintains that the normal P. ecristata at the preserve bloom at a different time (several weeks before) and in a vastly different habitat, leading to the notion that this is a separate species, or perhaps a population undergoing speciation from its parent species. Paul Martin Brown, in his paper describing P. pottsii, also describes a set of characteristics that lead him to believe that it deserves a separate species designation.