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Subsequently Melanie Klein coined the term part objects, for example themother's breast, which played an important role in early development andlater in psychic disturbances, such as excessive preoccupation with certainbody parts or aspects of a person as opposed to the whole person.

Our Adult World and Other Essays: By Melanie Klein. New York: Basic Books, Inc., 1963. 121 pp.

Subscription and comments by people critical of Kleinian ideas are welcome, as long as they are put in a civil and constructive way, but I confess that my main aim is to foster discussion among essentially people sympathetic to Kleinian ideas.

Our Adult World and Other Essays: By Melanie Klein

Grosskurth, Phyllis (1985) Melanie Klein: Her World and Her Work. Hodder and Staughton.

Klein argues that the boy’s earliest anxiety situations resulting from his feminine position, i.e., fear of having his body attacked and his insides made bad, are eventually displaced onto the penis as an external organ, Here anxiety can be more successfully mastered by

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To summarize the view she propounds in these papers: Melanie Klein considers that there is a crucial step in the infant's development when he recognizes his mother as what she termed a "whole object." This is the time the baby starts recognizing his mother and sees her as a real, separate, person.

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But it was only with her description of the depressive position that Klein's early discoveries could be brought together to give a picture of the child's mental development.

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The aim of the discussion was to clarify the position of Anna Freud and Melanie Klein respectively and try to find both a common ground and areas of disagreement.

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After 1925, when Melanie Klein came to London there developed a distinctive difference between what had become the Vienna School and the English School of psychoanalysis.

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This work of Klein's opened the whole area pursued later by others, of the relation between inner processes and cognitive development, and the whole area of inhibition or deformation in the development of the capacity to symbolize-central to the understanding particularly of psychosis.