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In order to write a good observation essay the writer has to possess good observation skills. Not only that he or she also needs to have good stock of vocabulary and organising skill to write an amazing piece. The writer needs to deal with every crucial point in the essay. This types are written in the present tense. Moreover, the tone of the writing has to sound realistic.

First of all I would like to explain why the child observation is important for social workers.

But further, a Man whose extraordinary Reputation thus lifts him up to the Notice and Observation of Mankind, draws a Multitude of Eyes upon him that will narrowly inspect every Part of him, consider him nicely in all Views, and not be a little pleased when they have taken him in the worst and most disadvantageous Light: There are many who find a Pleasure in contradicting the common Reports of Fame, and in spreading abroad the Weaknesses of an exalted Character. They publish their ill-natured Discoveries with a secret Pride, and applaud themselves for the Singularity of their Judgment which has searched deeper than others, detected what the rest of the World have over-looked, and found a Flaw in what the Generality of Mankind admires. Others there are who proclaim the Errours and Infirmities of a great Man with an inward Satisfaction and Complacency, if they discover none of the like Errours and Infirmities in themselves; for while they are exposing another’s Weaknesses, they are tacitly aiming at their own Commendations who are not subject to the like Infirmities, and are apt to be transported with a secret kind of Vanity, to see themselves superiour in some Respects to one of a sublime and celebrated Reputation. Nay it very often happens, that none are more industrious in publishing the Blemishes of an extraordinary Reputation, than such as lie open to the same Censures in their own Characters; as either hoping to excuse their own Defects by the Authority of so high an Example, or raising an imaginary Applause to themselves for resembling a Person of an exalted Reputation, though in the blameable Parts of his Character. If all these secret Springs of Detraction fail, yet very often a vain Ostentation of Wit sets a Man on attacking an established Name, and sacrificing it to the Mirth and Laughter of those about him. A Satyr or a Libel on one of the common Stamp, never meets with that Reception and Approbation among its Readers, as what is aimed at a Person whose Merit places him upon an Eminence, and gives him a more conspicuous Figure among Men. Whether it be that we think it shews greater Art to expose and turn to Ridicule a Man whose Character seems so improper a Subject for it, or that we are pleased by some implicit kind of Revenge to see him taken down and humbled in his Reputation, and in some Measure reduced to our own Rank, who had so far raised himself above us in the Reports and Opinions of Mankind.

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My observation assisted in my understanding of the changes in Child C as the week progressed over the 12 weeks.

Becoming a keen observer and systematically recording observations takes skill. The most difficult aspect is learning to be objective and not judgmental of a child's behavior. Taking care to reflect upon what the child did, not what the observer thought about the behavior is critical. During the observation time, describe behaviors rather than interpret. Later, one can reflect upon observation notes to draw conclusions

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An alternative way to record behaviors over time is using a technique. In this method, equal time intervals can be set up and used to record the presence of absence of a behavior during each of the intervals. Using a two column recording sheet, an observer can simply record a ‘1' if the behavior is present during that time interval of a ‘0' if it is not present. The length of each interval should be decided upon before the observation begins and should be determined by the type of behavior that is being targeted. These may be a need, for example, to observe a behavior every 10 seconds or every 5 minutes. In the following example, 1 minute intervals were used.

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Both of the above objectives are measurable, but both also take into account appropriate developmental stages of the students. Teachers of young students (e.g., PK or K) may even want to consider further adapting the objectives. For example, we have seen kindergarten teachers use symbols such as a pencil to symbolize "write" and a mouth to symbolize "talk" when they post their objectives for the children to see. We have also seen teachers of young learners rely on pictures to show the key terms they want the students to use or to convey the topic of the lesson (e.g., a picture of a ruler and of hands to discuss standard and non-standard measurement).

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MAKING INFERENCES (OR WHAT IT ALL MEANS) Interpreting information about the observation takes knowledge and skill. The combination of knowing how children develop with the actual experience with children allows skilled observers to draw some inferences from observations. First reread the data. To draw a conclusion, actual data must support the inference such as:Data: "Linda smiled as she selected a puzzle, she skipped to the block corner seeking other children to be Involved."