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For Mileck, Hesse consciously synchronized form and substance in Siddhartha to best illustrate a feeling of unity and the journey through the mind, body, and soul.

On page 142 and 143 Siddartha realizes that Atmen or the “oneness” of life is in everything.

Siddhartha’s journey for enlightment teaches him a great lesson of being able to identify who he is and discover his own beliefs in order to achieve enlightment.

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Furthermore postmodern essays and critiques coincided with the arrival of contemporary art.

Are you an artist who is also an art teacher? As you view that impressive work of art, you can imagine the questions you could ask your students to get them thinking like this artist? What do your students need to practice? What experiments do they need to do? They do not need to see the work, but they do need motivation, direction, and focus. Can we instill motivation by raising relevant and poignant issues? Can we do this without showing them the work that we used? If we show it to them, they will see it as answer before the bother to solve the problem. As students think, respond, experiment, make discoveries, and gain expertise: their ideas will emerge. We do not need their artwork to have any obvious visual connections to the artwork we use to plan our approaches. We need their artwork to be just as authentically theirs as was the work of the artist we used as a strategic guide.

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When their artwork is completed (this may take more than one session) students will know how to ask questions? They will have in interest in talking about cubistic examples by the artists who invented cubism 100 or so years ago. Watching a short clip of an old archival film that flickers and jumps could also help them imagine how new ideas in painting emerge in response to what happens in the life of the artist. Instead of seeing art as something to copy, perhaps they will begin to see art as something to move their imaginations. Perhaps they will see art as motivation to empathize with the artist in order to learn new ways of thinking about the worlds in which we live.

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Contemporary artists who are supposedly associated with the term, include David Burdeny, Catharine Burgess, Marjan Eggermont, Paul Kuhn, Eve Leader, Tanya Rusnak, Laurel Smith, Christopher Willard, and Time Zuck.

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Of course artwork is not patented, but it is copyright protected as it is made. No registration is required, although registration may make it easier to protect from violation. Copyright does not limit use of the ideas or the concepts shown by a work of art. It only restricts that particular way of rendering the subject, idea, concept, and so on. Ideas and concepts that are in our minds are free. They are part of the commons like the air we breathe. When we express ideas in any form the copyright becomes the property of the person, or group who materialized it.

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In simple terms, 1960s minimalism is a rather intellectual style of art characterized by extreme simplicity of form and a deliberate lack of expressive content.