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The couple met Feb. 21, 2180, waiting for the Hyperloop in the seaside resort town of Lincoln, Neb. They ran into each other later in the weekend, while swimming in the ocean with their respective groups of friends, but both were too shy to exchange DNA downloads. However, after thinking about Mr. ZRT5771 for the next several weeks, Ms. Bezos sent him a neural ping and they made a date. The following weekend, over cell-cultured roast beef sandwiches at Arby’s, they found themselves so absorbed in conversation that the manager had to ask them to leave because the restaurant was closing.

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Evelyn Kendall Moy, who had been raised in China, was set to marry Henry F. Hinkley of Miles City, Mont., in December 1924, but their minister “refused to perform the ceremony because of a state law prohibiting the marriage of Chinese and whites.” For the Montana marriage to happen, , Ms. Moy’s adoptive mother had to swear under oath that she was born to white parents.

So why were John and Sarah the chosen ones?

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But forget about that. The main reason people read about weddings is to remind themselves that love is real and that people are still showing up for it. So maybe it’s time for a new analogy. Any ideas?

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The couples of Asian descent whose weddings The Times covered a century ago were usually well-to-do. the wedding reception of Chu Fong, Chinatown’s richest man, and his bride, Lum San Toy, as “Half Oriental, Half New-York City Style, and Wholly Charming.” Guests included a senator and an assistant district attorney.

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The couple moved to China, and Mrs. Law got her comeuppance, in the view of The Times. “Girl Didn’t Want Man Mother Chose — Children Now in Home,” the subhead read. Mr. Law had died in China, forcing Mrs. Law to return and place their three children in a children’s home in Hackensack, N.J.

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She kept up the pace for decades. “One of the things my mother really stressed to me as I was growing up was, ‘You come from privilege, so you have to return to society, give back,’” Ms. Wang said.

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Today, of course, wedding announcements for couples of Asian descent are folded into the newspaper’s wedding pages with everyone else’s. In the early years, however, marriages unusual enough to note were often unions between whites and people of Asian descent, most of which were rendered downright scandalous.

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They were curiosities. Described in terms both outdated and insulting — Orientals, foreigners, Chinamen — the wedding rituals and banquets of couples of Asian descent drew an anthropological interest from reporters at The New York Times. Recounted in tiny type on inside pages, their romances were, nevertheless, news for a city teeming with new arrivals.

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