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After viewing the classes intense bingo game, the students journeyed to the library for their daily reading time. Again Mrs. Bindus practiced the progressivism ways of teaching by giving her students the option of choosing their own book. The students seemed to be engulfed in their chosen books as our observation time came to an end. Much was learned during the observation period about being a successful teacher with the aid of technology. The third wave technology in the classroom along with the progressivism teaching style of Mrs. Bindus aided in the student’s ability to excel in the classroom. It is my dream to one day have a successful class similar to Mrs. Bindus’ third/fourth grade gifted language arts class.

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On Monday February 24, 2000 I visited Mrs. Bindus’ third and fourth grade split class at Tappen Elementary. Her classroom consisted of a mixture of third and fourth grade students who were tested and labeled as gifted in various subject matters. Mrs. Bindus was responsible for teaching the children language and reading skills. The class consisted of an equal number of boys and girls, along with a wide variety of cultures. According to my observation, Cushner, McClelland, and Safford (2000) were correct when they stated, "Schools, in particular, are cultural crossroads in a society where distinct but overlapping student, teacher, and school cultures intersect"(93). There were many different religious beliefs, family backgrounds, nationalities, races, social classes, and personalities represented in the class. All of the sources of cultural identity expressed in Human Diversity in Education was represented in Mrs. Bindus’s class (Cushner, McClelland, Safford, 2000).

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Some more forms: Clock, Cluster/Word Web, Describing Wheel, E-Chart, Fact and Opinion, Five W's Chart, Flow Chart, Four-Column Chart, Garden Gate, Goal-Reasons Web, Hierarchy chart, Ice-Cream Cone, Idea Rake, Idea Wheel, , Inverted Triangle, ISP Chart, KWHL Chart, KWL Chart, KWS Chart, Ladder, Observation Chart, Persuasion Map, Planning Chart, Problem Solution Chart, Progress Report, Sandwich, Sense Chart, Sequence Chart, Spider Map, Step-by-Step Chart, Story Map 1, T-Chart, Think-Pair-Share, Ticktacktoe, Time Line, Time-Order Chart, Tree Chart, Venn Diagram.Graphic organizers are valuable tools for teaching/instruction.