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Resettlement at any level demonstrates acknowledgement of the burden that first countries of asylum are undertaking. Significant resettlement would give an entirely different bargaining position in relation to Turkey, for example, than offering cash for them to keep refugees there does. Imagine a situation in which the European Union was offering almost half a million resettlement place to Syrians, supporting countries in the region, and able then to quickly triage residual migrant arrivals for the smaller numbers of Syrians, and other people with a protection need.

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One way in which resettlement could have helped, and could even now, is in conducting status determination procedures, and indeed selection on a country-specific basis, the background, intentions and essential character of an individual needing protection can be verified through interviews and, where possible, documentation while s/he is still in the region of origin (be it Jordan, Lebanon, or Turkey). One of the major concerns populations and politicians have with regard to Syrians is that Islamic State extremists could be entering the European Union disguised as refugees. They surely could be. The contrast between asylum and resettlement here is that if they arrive today, in a boat, among thousands of others, they are physically present in Europe, and their case must be registered and processed within Europe. In this case, removing them would be very difficult until the conclusion of their asylum procedure and appeals, and by that time they might have disappeared into society or carried out their intended attack. If that same person has to apply for resettlement while in a refugee camp outside the European Union, is interviewed several times there, must wait for adjudication, go through a pre-integration program, arrives on an organized plane, go through immigration procedures again on arrival, and is then housed and guided by a resettlement officer, the chances are greater that someone would spot their intentions, or that they would not try to get into Europe that way at all through fear of being discovered.

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See “E.U.-Turkey Joint Action Plan European Commission Fact Sheet, MEMO/15/5860,” E.U.-Turkey, October 13, 2015. Compare the E.U.-Turkey Joint Action Plan which was activated on November 29, 2015. In it, the European Union identified a number of measures to be adopted by Turkey, including the prevention of irregular departures of migrants and refugees from its territory to the E.U., in exchange for the provision of financial assistance, progress in the visa liberalisation roadmap and the re-activation of the accession discussions with Turkey.