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Perhaps the real "dependency" in this poem is not that the speaker of the poem depends on the wheelbarrow as a farmer depends on his tools, although that is certainly part of it.

Williams's work, has declined to give us permission to reprint the poem in an electronic medium.

4. Self-evaluate using a vocabulary specific to the discipline in order to discuss, revise, and edit one’s own writing and the writing of others.

It is exactly one sentence long, sixteen words.

What we have here, then, is entirely the student's reaction to the poem.

2. Use brainstorming techniques to create outlines/freewriting/mapping; write preliminary drafts; develop thesis statement awareness to include multiple perspective possibilities; create thesis statements.

Is it appropriate for the subject?

How can an essay about literature or the other arts ever be "wrong"? Isn't it all opinion, all subjective analysis, anyway? How can an instructor say that my about a poem or a painting are wrong? is our attempt to deal with these questions.

How would you describe the audience of the essay?

Liquori's paper, you will discover we have embedded clickable icons within the text that, when clicked on, will open frames below pointing out various features of the paper.

After completing this course, students will be able to

Assignment Requirements
For this paper, you must use at least three outside sources. The paper should be from , carefully proofread, and formatted according to MLA style. Be sure to include a Works Cited page. This argument is worth a possible 150 points and will be graded for its argument, thoroughness, organization and language mechanics.

. [New York?]: PublicAffairs, 2009. ()

Second, as the "Suggestions" (hyperlinked above) notes, don't re-tell the story. Only a sentence or two is enough to recap the story of an entire novel. If you spend your essay telling readers what happened in , they're going to wonder why they aren't reading Toni Morrison's novel instead of your essay; after all, the Nobel Prize winner probably did a better job telling her story than you could ever do. Your job is to provide some insight into Morrison did what she did. Then, in reading your essay, readers will say, "Wow! That's great! I better go read that novel."

Cain, Susan. . New York: Random House, 2012, 2013. ( )

Choose a situation, event, or item and evaluate it, attempting to persuade an audience of a debatable claim of value. Your argument should be based on the formula