One of the themes of Frankenstein is nature versus nurture....

I agree with the points you made in this post. However, did Frankenstein intend to create someone malicious or benevolent? I feel like in the novel, Frankenstein does not include the nature of the monster. However, nurture has definitely shaped the monster and made him who he is.

Nurture in Frankenstein In the novel, Mary Shelley addresses the conflict of nature vs.

"Frankenstein represents a classic case of a battering parent who produces a battered child who in turn becomes a battering parent: the creature's first murder victim, we must remember, is a small child, whom he wished to adopt"

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This essay will firstly, give a brief outline of the nature-nurture debate and the definitions of twin and adoption studies.

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personal experience in determining behavior and individual traits (Hogben).

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The contrast between the two are even more evident in their actual personalities. For instance, Victor is self-confident, ambitious, and chooses his isolation; while the creature is strong, hopeful, and forced into his isolation. It appears that the creature's need for a meaningful relationship is much more prominent than that of Victor's. This is most likely because Frankenstein has never been forced to be alienated or completely isolated. Even in his own isolation, Frankenstein was still receiving letters from home. The question arises again of which aspects of development, nature or nurture, creates these major differences between these two main characters.