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22 Mar 2008 Glenn Beck's Easter Essay set to the music of Pink Floyd.

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Many people, however, were not pleased with the things Loury was saying. One day, Loury recalls, he received an angry call from Benjamin Hooks, the executive director of the N.A.A.C.P., who had a copy of an unpublished essay of Loury's in which Loury criticized the organization for failing to address the plight of the (usually black) victims of crime. Hooks wanted the passage toned down. "Hooks told me, 'Look, I know these problems exist, but as a civi1-rights leader my job is to hold white people's feet to the fire. How can I go around criticizing little black kids?'" Loury refused to make any changes.

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I’m grateful for Easter every day" – Glenn Beck

It’s Easter. And that means it is time for John, Randy, Heather and Glenn to talk about Easter. And Easter customs. And the historical Jesus. And death. And chocolate. And The Life of Brian. And a bunch of other stuff, too.Podcast: | Subscribe: | |

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Still takes the opportunity to explain and further develop areas of his first essay, in response to Miller's comments. "At issue," Still says, "is whether or not the NT texts are 'reliable' in the sense of accurately representing the words and deeds of an historical Jesus of Nazareth. While most theologians (even conservatives, Still suggests) answer with a disappointed "no," Still finds Miller's inerrancy position to be a "rare exception to biblical scholarship.

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These three essays are part of a three-year spirited discussion between Glenn Miller of the and James Still. In this first essay, Still agrees provisionally with Miller's critique of the "bias fallacy," and suggests that skeptics who dismiss the entire New Testament as a "pious fraud" misunderstand the purpose and historical origins of the NT texts.

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In this essay, Ball seeks to challenge the mind-set that the Bible is the infallible and internally consistent revealed Word of God. In doing so, Ball examines biblical incongruity within the specific areas of the goodness of God, the requirements for salvation, vowing, and the relationship among fear, love, and punishment.

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One day in 1988, while Loury was in New York for a Public Interest board meeting, he had a revelation. Touring the Metropolitan Museum with Lisa Schiffren (who later wrote Dan Quayle's "Murphy Brown" speech), he lamented the fact that, despite his prominence, he was completely isolated from his colleagues-that, in short, he had no friends. "But, Glenn, we're your friends,? she reassured him. "You're a member of a historically liberal ethnic minority, who through your own intellectual evolution have come to dissent from its convictions pretty much down the line. You voted for Reagan, you're pro-life, for family values-you're one of us."