If captured it could be used to bargain for a lower sentence.

1. You can find out where the illegal aliens live and work by analysis of who they call and where they call and where they call from. This means they can all be expelled overnight, and at the government's discretion their employers can be fined.

If the US does not want these secrets released then it is in their interests to keep him alive.

Saddly at the moment we are stuck with the iA86 architecture even Intel admitted defeat and binned it's iA64 architecture in favour of the AMD64 solution. The question is will the "business environment" allow "natural selection" to rid us of this "Saber tooth tiger" evolutionary dead end?

I want a dead mans switch that deletes all my porn.

It's also makes it more imperative to capture him in case anyone else kills him.

Snowden will set up a "dead man's switch", and the feds will kill him. The message to future leakers will be "nothing you do will protect you from our revenge."

Shipping: United Kingdom: free

The third hard part is working out how to arange for the secrets to be brrought together safely but unstoppably to ensure that the hidden encrypted files get found and decrypted and diseminated as widely as possible.

Q: Hash, hash baby?A: 3672f2ff25544b4b6a422bd4d332d3ce

Q: Porgy, is that what you're going to do after graduation?
A: Heck no. I'm going to cut the souls off my shoes, sit in a tree, and learn to play the flute!

I can also see potential for all kinds of cheesy pickup lines here:

The second hard bit is working out a method of sending out an unforgable and unspoofable "Still Alive" message without previous ones being used to track down the secret holders. It is this part that is the most dangerous part of the whole scheam, and thus the part that needs carefull consideration and planning.

James Bond's secret bank questions

As Putin said, Snowden doesn't tell us anything we don't already know. At this point, with his still being blathered about in the news, we must assume that he is now a tactical tool against Russia. Putin must be amused at this point, but when that turns to aggravation, his comments will be more interesting.

I'm pretty boring, I know, but I always just use,

I had problems along these lines when I moved from one city to another, and realized only years later that all of my security questions/answers were based on the old address.

Q: Where am I?A: In the village.

1) If it's a close, personal associate, I would guess the government could get a search warrant easily, unless the holder of the secret keys also left the country.