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Another important feature associated with the IB Extended Essay is that it has certain relation with another compulsory essay – the TOK or Theory of Knowledge. This explains the logic of the IBO in putting the Extended Essay along with the TOK essay in the core of the Hexagon diagram. Just like the TOK seeks evidence, reasoning and argument along with the origin and validity of the source of knowledge, the Extended Essay seeks to answer the questions related to the nature of knowledge and the origin of knowledge.

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Past extended essays ib The commentaries and final examinations for IB economics require you to really only do 3 things define, analyse with the help of diagrams, and evaluate.

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It’s perhaps worth asking your parents or an older sibling to help you track down this article, because finding one that directly relates to your Extended Essay can be quite difficult (because you don’t yet know the meaning of all of the related key words). This might seem like a lot of work, but it sends a strong signal to your marker that you’re as serious as any university student.

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Every year I read Extended Essay’s that are just horrible. They make almost no sense. They repeast themselves. They bring tears to my eyes and not in a good way my friend. As you read your Extended Essay take a pen to it and mark it up like you were me.

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To help you with this, there is a great checklist you can use called to help you ask important questions about your sources (i.e. Is the site free of advertising? Is the site one-sided or balanced). You can use the questions as prompts for your Extended Essay writing.