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The topic sentence and the thesis are analogous. In other words, the topic sentence is to the paragraph what the thesis is to the entire essay, chapter, or book. While the thesis gives unity to the essay, the topic sentence gives unity to the paragraph by developing one major point suggested in the controlling idea of the thesis. Like the thesis, the topic sentence is integral to the organization of the essay. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence.

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Using a variety of starting strategies such as , listing ideas, , , or can help you to begin thinking about a topic. Then, you can ask yourself questions about your topic using the five "Ws and the H – who, what, where, when, why, and how" to gather more ideas to write about. From there, you can begin the writing process by writing one paragraph about your topic, including a clear topic . That paragraph should reveal the you would like to expand on in multiple paragraphs. The topic sentence in the paragraph can be used as your implied thesis statement for a narrative essay.

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Depending on the essay, your thesis statement can be either the opening sentence of the essay itself or the last sentence.
Synthesis: Developing The Thesis Statement thesis statement expresses the central conclusion of your research findings and is the controlling idea of your essay;.How to write a thesis statement for an informative essay?