Why was the division of territory within Germany so complex?

Serdahely, William. "Variations from the Prototypic Near-Death Experience: The 'Individually Tailored' Hypothesis." . Vol. 13, No. 3 (Spring 1995): 185-196.

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I should note that Greyson and I agree that had any embellishment occurred within the on average 17.7 years between the NDE and the administration of the Greyson NDE Scale, this study would not have found it, for it was not designed to look for it. However, it is important to note that even within the period between the two administrations of the scale, the follow-up study fails to rule out the possibility of embellishment of the sort that would not be measured by the Greyson NDE Scale. In my reply to Charles Tart's commentary, for example, I asked whether a hypothetical change in how Pam Reynolds described her hair (namely, how it was shaved) would have even been detected by such limited measurements of embellishment.

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Why was this changed after WWII, and, why wasn't this changed after WWI?

(1) Some NDErs report out-of-body experiences during their NDEs where what is seen 'out-of-body' does correspond to what is actually happening in the physical world. Peter and Elizabeth Fenwick reports the NDE of a World War II veteran whose unit came under attack from aerial bombers:

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In 1991 twenty-one prefecture governments designated 46 specific sexually-oriented publications as being "harmful to juveniles" and complained of them to the publishers (Burrill, 1991). The companies involved accepted the criticism and its industry's "Publishing Ethics Council" voted for self regulation and advised its member firms to affix an "Adult Comics" mark on sex oriented manga (Anonymous, 1991a). The Council further advised their distributors to maintain these comics in the "adult corner" of their stores. This advice was not always followed. Sales of such sex-filled comics totaled more than ¥ 180 billion in 1990, a figure up 13 percent from the year before (Burrill, 1991).

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Also, for the most part, the borders really weren't cleaned up, they often continue to exist but just became less relevant. Enclaves and exclaves and all kinds of other illogical boundaries still persist to this day (for instance, the state of Bremen consists of two cities, Bremen and Bremerhaven, with no contiguous land between them; they are separated by Lower Saxony territory. Enclaves and exclaves also abound along the border with Austria and Switzerland)

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I invited these people to do the following simple reality tests: trying to identify objects put in unusual places; checking the time on the clock; and focusing on a detail of the scene, and comparing it with reality.

I received a feedback [] from five individuals. Objects put in unusual places (eg, on top of the wardrobe) were never identified during out-of-body experiences. Clocks also proved to be unreliable: a woman with nightly episodes of sleep paralysis had two out-of-body experiences in the same night, and for each the clock indicated an impossible time.... Finally, in all cases but one, some slight but important differences in the details were noted: "I looked at 'me' sleeping peacefully in the bed while I wandered about. Trouble is the 'me' in the bed was wearing long johns ... I have never worn such a thing" (Buzzi 2116-2117).

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The first push for territorial integrity actually was in the 19th century; the revolution of 1848 was a push for uniting Germany as one nation. That revolution pretty much failed, but did lead to the formation of the Second German Empire in 1870. The outside borders of that empire were comparatively clean.