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Conversely, communities that profit massively from the drugtrade strongly oppose detoxification -- theirleft-wing rhetoric is "curious".)Thankfully, cheap detoxification is becomingmore available, but for decades, an addict would have to waitmonths; this satisfies me that neither the "liberal" nor the "conservative" politicians really wanted criminals/addicts off the streets.

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Of course, this also applies in the much-described "intimate partner violence"situation -- today, most victims escape before being murderedthanks to the attention that the syndrome is (rightly) receiving.

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It is easy to recognize politically-motivated, futile escalation(remember Vietnam?), war-profiteering, or how the current policy ofensuring that drugs generatecrime (and crime-profits) serves politics-at-its-worst for both right-wingersand left-wingers.

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However, the effect vanishes if the woman also drinks a glass of milk each day, and this finding makes me think that some other variable, not coffee drinking, is the cause.

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Of course it wasconsidered a drug menace when it became popular in Europe in the late 17thcentury; England's Charles II tried to ban it without success, and Bach'sCoffee Cantatadescribes a 1730's father's effort to rescue his daughter from coffee-drinking, only to discoverthat the new beverage is in fact safe and delightful.

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In another NIH study, only extreme caffeine abuse (as evidencedby massively-high serum paraxanthine levels) was any risk for fetal loss (NEJM 341: 1639, 1999).

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In fact, the first question you ask a person who reports the heart doing single flipflopsis have the increased their caffeine intake -- caffeine is the most important casue ofoccasional ventricular ectopic beats (Am.

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The Dutch found that women drinking more than six "caffeine units" per day (seems like a lot)tended to have smaller babies -- real effect or confouding variables (Am.

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When a patient says they are having palpitations (i.e., they're aware of their heartbeat, which may be slow-regular, fast-regular, or irregular), ask about caffeine use (Lancet 341: 1254, 1993); however, even in the setting of an acute myocardial infarct, these rhythm problems are very unlikely to be dangerous (Heart & Lung 21: 365, 1992).