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For two wonderful essays on Plath's voice and recorded poetry, please read "Sylvia Plath's Voice, Annotated" and "The Oral Archive" both by Kate Moses in Anita Helle's . "The Oral Archive" is an annotated list of all known readings, interviews, and other recorded sessions. As Moses indicates, some recordings were not found. This leads one to conclude that other poems might be out there. For more information about Plath's relationship with the BBC and the poems she recorded (or had recorded), read and , essays that I co-wrote with Gail Crowther.

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“Mirror”, published in 1963, was written towards the end of Sylvia Plath’s life and reflects her concern about growing old as well as losing her youthful beauty and “Metaphors”, published in 1960, was written when Plath was pregnant and not sure if she is happy to be hav...

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