The Alchemist – Personal Legend Essay Example

Although it may be difficult I will overcome these obstacles by having a good attitude in school, staying focused, and being confident in what I want to do with my life.
Literary work that has a personal meaning.
The book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho has a connection to my Personal Legend.

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When I left home at age 21, I held the notion that perhaps one out of three people had enough integrity to do the right thing, even if their “reward” for doing so was not immediate or obvious. By the time I left college, that number had slipped to about one-in-five. My brutal years in Los Angeles, with me asking “” questions that everybody laughed at, brought that number down to one-in-ten. The night when I watched those , I began waking up quickly, and thought it might be one-in-fifty by the time that summer was finished. When I saw the general apathy to what we were trying to , and began receiving personal attacks, my number slipped to one in a hundred. When I saw what happened in , as we had a national profile, and people I had known most of my life acted dishonorably, and I was attacked by friends and family, I finally came to realize that the number was one in thousands. That was the biggest and most painful surprise of my journey: personal integrity is the world’s scarcest commodity.

The Alchemist - Personal Legend - Causality Essay Example

fulfilling my Personal Legend will lead to the top stage that you can reach.

The way Santiago overcame the obstacles that were thrown at him in the story inspired me to do the same with my Personal Legend and chase after it no matter what comes in my way.
Personal Truth
A meaningful personal truth that I believe in is having faith.