Bush Is Briefed as the Hijackings Begin


More information has been learned regarding the incident at a
football game against Zion Christian on 25th.
Pickett County Director of Schools Diane Elder made contact with the
PRESS on Wednesday, August 30th and confirmed there was an incident
but would not release details. "We are working with the TSSAA and
have been conducting an investigation into this unfortunate
situation," said Elder.
The TSSAA issued a letter to Pickett County High School Principal
Jane Winningham on August 31st.
This newspaper has made the decision not to publish the names of the
players identified in the letter and will refer to them as Player 1,
Player 2, and Player 3.
The Pickett County High School administration was asked to thoroughly
investigate the unsportsmanlike incident and report their findings
and any disciplinary action taken to the TSSAA state office. The
following report was submitted:
An unsportsmanlike penalty was called on Player 1 after which an
altercation occurred between the coach and the stated player.
After the altercation began, two players, Player 2 and Player 3, left
the field of play to assist the coach.
One of the managers, pulled the Player 1 away from the coach and
walked towards the field exit.
Parent of Player 1 made her way down the stands, out the gate and
into the infield where she was able to make her way to the sideline
and began an altercation with the coach.
A Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper, who had just finished work and
was in the stands, came over the fence and across the field. Pickett
County Coach O.B. Caudle motioned and yelled for his assistance.
Player 1 returned to the sideline, where Player 2 approached him.
Player 1 pulled Player 2 to the ground while Player 3 attempted to
assist in a break up.
The THP trooper was able to remove parent of Player 1 and Player 1
from the field and the play of the game resumed.
The TSSAA also conducted an investigation into the incident and after
considering the facts, accepted the action to be taken by the Pickett
County Administration. The self-imposed disciplinary actions are as
1. Player 1 has been suspended from all participation in TSSAA
sponsored events for the 2017-2018 school year.
2. Player 2 has been suspended for two games for leaving the field of
play and participating in an altercation with another player.
3. Player 3 has been suspended for one game for leaving the field.
4. Coach O.B. Caudle has been suspended for one game for failure to
maintain control of the team.
5. Parent of Player 1 has been banned from attending all TSSAA
sponsored events for the 2017-2018 school year.
In addition to the actions, the TSSAA also placed the Pickett County
Football program on probation for two calendar years beginning August
31, 2017-August 31, 2019. There will also be a fine of $500 annually
during the probation period. The football program may continue to
participate in regular and postseason contests during the period of
probation. If there are other incidents during this time, TSSAA will
be forced to take further action.
Editors Note: The printed edition of this story had a mistake in the headline, it has been corrected in this story. We apologize for the confusion.

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Pickett County deputies recently responded to an accident on Cordell
Hull Memorial Drive that led to the discovery of cocaine and marijuana.
The driver of a Suzuki SUV appeared to have left the roadway and
drove into the yard of a residence on Cordell Hull before hitting an
embankment close to Pryor Road. Robert Banzin, 66, of Washington,
Pennsylvania was transported to Livingston Regional Hospital.
The vehicle was impounded and while deputies conducted an inventory
report, they found approximately nine grams of cocaine, several
ounces of marijuana and other drug paraphernalia.
Banzin was later transported to Cookeville Regional Medical Center
for other medical issues.
The accident is still being investigated by the Pickett County
Sheriff’s Office and charges are currently pending against Banzin.