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[10] Rezko had initially met Obama in 1990, when the former was a low-income housing developer in Chicago and the latter was a Harvard Law School student. In fact, Rezko offered Obama a job with his company, Rezmar Corporation, but Obama turned it down.

Obama eventually found employment in 1993 with the aforementioned Chicago law firm Davis Miner Barnhill, which represented developers who built low-income housing with government funds. In 1995 one of the firm's clients -- the Woodlawn Preservation and Investment Corporation (WPIC) -- partnered with Rezmar Corporation in a project to convert an abandoned nursing home into low-income apartments. Obama was instrumental in helping Rezmar Corporation and WPIC strike their deal. Rezmar Corporation would also partner with WPIC clients in four later deals.

Obama then used similar techniques to win the general election, as  again explains:

His proposals have a snowflake's chance. He challenged the Republicans to "win a few elections" and by golly,they did. Now the fun begins. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

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Similarly, in an  with ACORN representatives in 2007, candidate Obama  the following:

He would go on to run for Senator in the state of Texas and win, which the “Washington Post” would call his win the biggest upset of the 2012 elections.

exigencies of him being anti-American and win over American votes

Political Career: Barack’s political career got a huge fillip when he was elected the Illinois state senator in the year 1997. He played a very important role in providing tax rebates to the low-income group in the state and also took care of the welfare reforms. During his tenure from 1997 to 2004, the subsidies on the child care increased substantially.
The high point in his career was the presidential race of 2008 when Obama declared his intention of contesting the presidential elections in the city of Springfield, Illinois. He had to contest with Hillary in the democratic primaries but slow Obama surged ahead to win the nomination from the Democrats. It is said that during the general election, he garnered record funding thereby upstaging the nearest rival McCain.
One of the biggest achievements of Obama was to end Iraq war that had created a huge mess for the US during the Bush years. In addition, he followed the surge policy in Afghanistan but it backfired as Taliban is still quite powerful in the country.
Obama has served 2 terms as president of US and played an important role in formulating the domestic policies of the country. He has laid stress on the principal of innovation in the field of education to improve the human resources.
During his tenure recession hit the nation; therefore, he financed the stimulus package of more than 700 billion dollars to enhance the private investments, thereby resolving the bankruptcy situation faced by major companies. As far as environmental policies are concerned, Barack Obama is trying to formulate new laws that would help to control the emission of industries.

Obama constructs ethos by mentioning he has ..

His proposals have a snowflake's chance. He challenged the Republicans to "win a few elections" and by golly,they did. Now the fun begins. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

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The general assembly Budget workplace on weekday says “Obama's budget would scale back annual deficits by regarding $1 trillion over the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) comes over succeeding ten years.” The chance that Congress can advance Obama's arrange is totality near to zip, however the CBO's latest analysis can feed campaign electronic messaging by Democrats and Republicans earlier than legislature elections in November....