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Many kids don't get enough physical activity. Although physical education (PE) in schools can help kids get up and moving, more and more schools are cutting PE programs.

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Depending on your child's BMI (or weight-for-length measurement), age, and health, the doctor may refer you to a registered dietitian, who can advise you and might recommend a weight management program.

Overweight and obese kids are also at risk for:

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”It’s the equivalent of scanning for selected words in 260,000 book collections with three billion letters each, and then trying to find out in which book collections one single letter has been replaced by another one,” says Sørensen.

How can a 'smart house' aid independent living?

Another useful method is to take a waist measurement because fat in the centre of the body (apple-shaped obesity) is much more strongly linked to health risks than fat more widely distributed on the arms and legs. Women with a waist of 80cm or greater and men with a waist of 94cm or greater are more likely to develop obesity-related health problems.

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Some argue that today’s advancement has rendered wild animals redundant as we do no need to depend on them for a balanced living ecosystem, and hence we do not need to protect such animals. In my opinion, this self-righteous attitude would lead to potential threat to the lifecycle on earth. That said, I disagree with wasting excessive amount of resources to protect certain animals; human beings should always take priority.

BBC Two's Horizon investigates the threat posed by solar storms

On average a physically active man needs around 2,500 calories per day, while a woman needs 2,000. If we eat any more, the extra energy is stored for later use, mostly as fat.

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Day in and day out, scientific findings are revealing the interdependence between earth’s living organisms. It is very dangerous to believe that we can survive by sacrificing any of the lives on earth, where they are humans, animals or plants.

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If your BMI is above 25 you are overweight. A BMI of 30-40 is considered obese, while above 40 is very obese. A BMI of less than 18.5 is underweight.