Ronnie begins to sneeze violently.

Yes very important thank you Morty and as you are the expert in beliefs and have a system I invite you to look into Conscious Language with my Great friend Robert Tennyson Stevens he has awesome language upgrades and I believe there is a connection you could make with him to combine what you are doing to give even more value to your Great system… Enjoy and God Bless

The essential ingredient in a complex sentence is the subordinate conjunction:

You are surface creatures, entranced by the fantastic creations before you. You behold your 3D space and your bodies, mesmerized by a magician you call God (capitol G). 2000 years ago a man came to tell you of your own responsibility, yet even today you forsake that life and throw stones.

Sneezing violently opening the door.

We looked on top of the refrigerator,  Jenny will often hide a bag of chocolate chip cookies.

Dead to the dark, alive to the light, for now all creaturehood can see the distinctions* in 3D space. “What I am not, has come alive – and it has a voice”

Kate, I was just about to correct the etymology myself.

In the above, I found myself laughing, and included that in parenthesis. Im used to it by now, and I dont restrict my thoughts, I hope I have not offended any reader – it comes from love.

I’m a linguist and I’m sensitive about these things.

This will not add to my reputation, lol. However I was drawn here, I dont ask why – my words throughout this blog is channeled. I sit and type – and allow it to flow – Im always sure there is a reason, although I do not ask –

From to environ = to surround, around, circle.

You are not bad until proven good* (forgive me) – Hopefully you will all begin to question your ideas about your lives, your world, and who you are – Do not look to scholars as this blog would suggest, but sit quietly and do your own work, it is a noble endeavor indeed.

PS: It takes more guts to kill brother bull than to make beef.

Soul, is it possible to use language to describe the motivation of transcendant perspectives to communicate to surface perspectives? and would it be beneficial for surface perspectives to know the motivation? if yes, would you kindly do so?

Thanks so much for your interest in our work.

When I speak with all- of-you, using language now (laughing), it is of a different sort than you are used to – Your beliefs could cast these words aside as fool hearty*, yet I am not speaking to your beliefs, that would be insurmountable in your current state-

It is included as part of all the packages we sell.

In any case, you look at your own power – miraculously cast outside yourself in an explosion of tremendous psychic energy, thus the magician falls prey to his magic acts.