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Analysis of “The one who walks away from Omelas”
This story has an opening quote that invites readers to be the main character. How can the reader deny or accept this invite of Ursula K. Le Guin? This is quite simple. For a reader, this invite it means he will read the whole story and for him to deny it then it means he will get off in his effort. The city of joy, the reader’s Omela continues to develop in the reader’s mind. This is quite sweet for the reader. The picture of the bay is surrounded by mountains with the author’s white gold fire that captivate the atmosphere. It is not surprising that the audience can easily remember the attractive orgy custom that fits to their most personal happiness. There will be a review of the harsh city of Omelas and how the happiness of people in the city is not truthful.
The demand continues with each moment of immoral expectancy. One can hardy deny his perversion to an extent of ending an engagement in a plot that might promote it. However, there is a catch since it will always be in existence. This one is quite abnormal since this city resembles total deception. It is a place of punishment and crying. It resembles a prison that worsens the ancient smiles described in the sentences. The question is how can one define the purpose of this story? The best way to define the purpose is to talk about the main character, which is the reader of course. The reader is presented with three stages, and they are asked three questions. It will be the task of the reader to prove the last event.
Instead of preparing a meal, the author gives the reader the tools that are essential for making the meal. The reader is presented with jubilant music, brilliant horses, blissful introduction, beautiful scenery and bright colors. Terribly enough, the author quickly snatches the second paragraph from the reader. A blade penetrates through the balloon image of the reader. The author tells his readers that the happiness and smiles of the city are not truthful. Ursula argues in a painless manner by stating that all smiles have turned out to be ancient. With such a description that seems to depend on the king and is escalated on a superb stallion that is encircled by dignified knights, but lacks a king. Incongruously, the description of the scene seems to continue. The reader completes the picture of the happy city. The reader is then given the first three questions. The author quickly answers the first question for the reader. The reader is told that he does not have to believe in the city completely. At least the reader is informed not just believe in it.
The second section of the narration is where the fantasy begins. The reader is forced to see the picture of starvation and that of a begging child. The author says that the child is confined in a room that has his own excretions. Ursula says that the whole city is aware of what is happening, but they ignore it. The mind of the reader begins to reflect the reasons why people who behave in such inhumane ways. The author continues to say that the misery of the child covers the wealth and happiness of the city. He presents an opponent story and the reader later realizes that the opponent is him. He achieves this through conflict, which is man versus himself.

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