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Though silence can be scary, silence can make room for different dialogue and varied voices. is an article that speaks about one teacher’s experience incorporating silence into her teaching.Follow blog by CFT Assistant Director Nancy Chick.A for various disciplines may be helpful in constructing your own course. offers insights on contemplative kayaking, thoughts, essays, and talks from Kurt Hoelting. links to several guided audio files to guide mindfulness practice.In this Arthur Zajonc presents on contemplative pedagogy and attention.This is an hour-long video of a webinar introducing contemplative pedagogy.Bache, Christopher M. .Burggraff, Susan & Grossenbacher, Steven.

The Pedagogy of the Oppressed - Sample Essays

The essay will include a brief biography on Malcolm Knowles, and his theory on adult education / learning andragogy, to include definitions of andragogy and pedagogy, which has been the mainstay of all education theory for hundreds of years.

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