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First of all, it was a good time for me to have a peer edit time with classmates. Especially, reading and talking about classmate’s papers was a very special experience for me because I always have read technical papers about my major or engineering. If I have a chance, I want to write essays about diverse subjects and do peer editing about it. I thought it is an interesting to reading about “variable subjects” in the class. So, I hope to write it (not technical paper in my major). While peer editing, I learned variable grammatical expressions easily. Also, reading out my paper helps to find not only awkward expressions or fallacies of grammar but also arguments about proper topic for chapters. Actually, I think that writing something is quite difficult in any language. However, I am enjoying my writing thanks to the good explanations and helps of Prof. Ken and my classmates. In addition, I feel the need for strong argument of my paper with methodology. My writing lacks the purpose and conclusion.

Revising the college essay is far more than simple editing for grammar and word choice.

Secondly, what I learned through peer editing was that when writing an essay for more natural sentences, I should prove my claim objectively by providing enough evidence in my argument. Besides, when I express my opinions in English, I should write them not Korean style but English one. Lastly, peer editing was definitely productive for me. I will state logical and clear my viewpoints and reasons by taking advantage of these benefits next time.

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Although, to what degree does one have to be immersed into literature for it to influence students’ writing experiences.

It is clear that elementary and high school students don’t fully understand the five steps of writing the limitation of sentences per a paragraph and how to gather information from different sources and give credit to the source or cited.

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I got main points from the peer edit. Firstly, my problem was that I used two synonyms repeatedly in one sentence and wrote my only opinion without reasons. That is to say, in introduction section, I didn’t mention information relevant to the theoretical background which would support my argument. I could explore whether my essay is composed of well-structured sentences such as topic, supporting and concluding sentences or not for this good opportunity. In addition, I could find poor grammar, English wrong expressions which I would make mistakes in the sentences easily. For example, the first word of every sentence should be capitalized and every sentence should end with correct punctuation.

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Through sharing my parters’, I could find that their essays were detailed and focused on main topics clearly. Jeong min’s was well organized and detailed and Eugene’s was well focused on his idea. Based on learning from peer editing this time, my essay’s direction will be constructive, clear, detailed, and organized.

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