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Grade point average computation. A transfer applicant’s grade point average on transferable college coursework is a significant indicator of the applicant’s academic strength. Because the Office of Admissions considers academic background as a factor when making transfer decisions, the grade point average can play an important role in an applicant’s final admission decision.

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To be eligible to apply for freshman admission, a Texas public high school applicant must also be on track to graduate under the high school coursework requirements defined in the state’s . Private high school applicants and applicants from Department of Defense schools must be on track to complete coursework that is equal in content and rigor to the requirements in the Uniform Admission Policy. See Admission Decisions below for information about requirements for automatic admission.

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The Doctor of Pharmacy degree entitles an individual to sit for a pharmacy licensing examination.

Applicants who exceed this restriction will be considered automatically for the Academic Center for Exploratory Students (ACES). Please note that admission to transfer students to pre-Pharmacy or to ACES is not a guarantee for eventual admission into the School of Pharmacy.

Stage 3 - Integrated Therapeutics

If you have already chosen a major or know what kind of information you want to see, select the transfer information you want to display by choosing an institution below. You can select the institution you are transferring from or to.

Total pre-professional credits: 64

Reporting previous college coursework. An applicant who has undertaken coursework at another collegiate institution (including freshman, transfer, reentry, and international applicants) must report all such coursework on the appropriate section of the ApplyTexas application. Applicants who fail to report all college coursework or who otherwise falsify any part of their application or the documents required to complete the application process are subject to disciplinary action. Disciplinary action will include a one-year ban on enrollment and a permanent statement on the student’s record about the failure or falsification. Action may include expulsion and loss of credit for work taken subsequently at the University, as well as appropriate action by the dean of students.

Stage 4 - Research and Application

The new MPharm curriculum is an outcomes-focused curriculum designed to prepare students for their future professional practice. Teaching is integrated covering basic and applied science, clinical and professional practice, all in the context of patient care. Core themes of biological sciences, chemistry and drug delivery, and professional practice are taught within integrated modules based around body systems including: brain and psychiatry; heart and circulatory system; and the endocrine system. Using the body systems we break down barriers between the themes supporting you to learn more effectively. This will be supported by an increasing focus on practice-related learning, as evidenced by placements and in-house simulation-based learning, as well as additional practice experience provided in-house.

Total credits for Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy Studies: 137

The minimum graduate admission requirements for The Graduate School are below. Specific programs may have additional requirements. Please check the requirements for your chosen degree program on our page.