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Even individuals who do hold a bachelor’s and/or other advanced degrees must still complete the four academic years (or three calendar years) involved in a pharmacy first professional degree program in addition to the minimum two years of undergraduate study.
Students interested in pharmacy study should start preparing for entrance to college while still in secondary school. As admission requirements vary, students need to check the catalogs of individual pharmacy schools. By carefully planning their secondary school and preprofessional study, students increase their chances of acceptance to pharmacy school.

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Students preparing for pharmacy school do not necessarily need to pursue undergraduate study specifically in “prepharmacy.” Chemistry is a common major because the standard curriculum of chemistry programs typically includes all or most of the courses that will be prerequisite for pharmacy school entrance. However, students are admitted from all undergraduate majors. Some pharmacy schools do not accept pre-pharmacy credits from outside the United States, meaning that international students must complete additional U.S. undergraduate study before entering the program.
Factors such as grade point average, completion of prerequisite courses, pharmacy-related work and volunteer experience, letters of recommendation, TOEFL testing for international students, and so forth are typically involved in Pharm.D. application.

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About half of all Pharm.D. programs participate in the PharmCAS centralized application system. Candidate applications are submitted online and the same application form can be submitted to multiple schools.
A large majority of pharmacy schools accept students with foreign degrees into their programs; however, a few schools give preference to individuals from the state/region in which they are located, or only enroll such students.