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How should the reader decide which paradigm to embrace? Arguments over paradigms tend to be circular, each side presupposing the rightness of its own model as a basis for arguing on its behalf. I would, however, urge two considerations on behalf of the academically centered model.

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This domain of "government regulations" is a vast area of law, hiddenand dangerous.

But developmental advising is not the appropriate opposite of prescriptive advising. Developmental advising is not a style of advising; it is a theory about the content of advising.

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Developmental advising was initially presented by Crookston (1972) as an alternative to a construct that he called “prescriptive advising,” and it gained much of its early plausibility and acceptance from its favorable juxtaposition with the less-attractive alternative. That juxtaposition may still be the key to developmental advising's appeal. The very expression “prescriptive advising” has a bad sound to it and certainly seems to refer to something that no self-respecting adviser would want to be associated with. If the only alternative to developmental advising is prescriptive advising — as even NACADA's membership application clearly presupposes — then surely developmental advising is the place to be.

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I believe, however, that prescriptive advising is a straw man. It is not the correct “opposite” for developmental advising and certainly not its sole alternative. In other words, the argument (usually not stated explicitly) that says

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is unsound because its first premise is false. We will see that the comparison of developmental with prescriptive advising is spurious and that more attractive alternatives exist, which must be thoughtfully evaluated before the developmental model can win by default.

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As to what kind of laws legislators are allowed by our constitution to pass, is an area, I submit,which desperately needs constitutional protection; for, as we can see from the experience of the lasttwenty-five years, or so, our trusted leaders, the ones we elected, have exercised little control overthemselves and have created a huge economic problem for the country which has caused much greaterproblems than any of the problems which the legislation was designed to cure.)