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A "retrocausal" rewrite of physics, in which influences from the future can affect the past, could solve some quantum quandaries—saving Einstein's view of reality along the way.

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We know from the Snowden documents that the NSA is conducting on both quantum computation and quantum cryptography. It's not a lot of money, and few believe that the NSA has made any real advances in theoretical or applied physics in this area. My guess has been that we'll see a practical quantum computer within 30 to 40 years, but not much sooner than that.

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Along with some facts, this article also has many errors + exaggerations + speculations. If these are stripped off it will become more legitimate. Following are some examples
1) It was not Bohr who started quantum physics in 1900, it was Planck
2) Schrodinger was a fan of vedanta, but not sure about Heisenberg. Please give reference if it is genuine.
3) Schrodinger did not refer to vedanta to come up with wave equation. After seeing the weirdness of QM he got attracted towards vedanta which says similar things. Same with Bohr and Chinese philosophy.
4) Physicists have ascertained that Einstein is wrong. This happened long ago with Bell’s theorem (1964) and Aspect’s experiment (1981). EPR paradox is no more.
5) There is no evidence for the statement about Newton