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I reached the office before the appointed time. I went up to the manager’s room and showed my letter to the bearer. He took the letter and asked me to wait in a room nearby. I found there others waiting. One of them was particularly well-dressed. He was quite at ease and seemed hard to notice us. The others were like me, nervous and anxious to get the thing over. Two others came in but I was so I was so very ill at ease that I could only glance at them.

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I had passed the higher secondary examination when I had to give up a further student. I had to be earning something to help the family budget. I scanned the ‘wanted columns of newspapers’ and put in applications. One day a letter came to me from an office; I was asked to paper for an interview on a particular date just at 10 a.m. I was both happy and nervous; I was the only teen. However, I had asked for it, and so I must go.

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I come out of the room, and made straight for the stairway and went home. It was my first interview, and I know it would not be the last. So I was not very much excited. On the contrary, I felt easy that I had gone through it and got some experience.