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Eudora Welty’s novel The Optimist’s Daughter is no exception to this generalization as it strongly entails both aspects of memory – remembrance and forgetfulness.

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Throughout the course of this essay I will be discussing whether or not we should continue to commemorate wars, I will be mainly referring to Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday as my examples because these are the biggest commemorations for any of the wars in British history.

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Traditionally, the nine stages are described as consisting of the Six Powers, Nine Levels, and the Four Engagements. The six powers are activated by what is termed a definite-emergence from the allures of worldliness (Gr: metanoia, Skt: udvega, Tib: skyo ba). Each of six powers is progressively strengthened. Through the persistent action of remembrance, which is to remember the object of concentration often, as a mother constantly remembers her child. The second contributory action is alertness, where one part of the mind watches the mind concentrate, as a mother watches her children.

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The rope of remembrance is not so necessary now, but since subtle distractions grow stronger, the power of diligence/perseverance must be applied. The long effort against the invasive distraction of the five senses and any inner events may too quickly relax the effort of the meditator, and the subtler forms of distraction would wax stronger and thereby the intensity of clarity diminishes. Pictured as another monkey eating from a tree on the periphery, and not on the path, means that while one is developing Calm-Abiding, no other thoughts, even those of Dharma or meditations on Samsara etc., can be allowed to interfere with concentration!