Riordan Manufacturing Background

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Moreover, the expansion in various countries outside United States to China and other foreign destinations of the company implies diversification of the business meaning that there is a counter balance in case unfavorable business environment prevails in one of the company’s foreign destination (Dess, 2010). This expansion strategy will also improve the distribution of the company products since customer orders will be dealt with by the nearest branch of the company thereby reducing congestion and time delays hence increasing efficiency (Korper & Ellis, 2001).

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Riordan Manufacturing’s current information systems were installed in 1992 operating differently and independently in its branch offices. However, the company uses the ERP system to constitute an integral part of both its finance as well as accounting system whereby these systems are decentralized indicating that despite the main systems being located at headquarters each branch office consists of its finance and accounting systems that are independent but consolidated at the corporate headquarters located at the San Jose, California. However, the company is seeking to establish a single integrated application capable of utilizing today’s existing HR system tools (Laudon & Traver, 2009) The embracing of the sophisticated information system will be crucial facilitating the company’s expansion strategy in most of the aspects that require its utilization.

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Riordan Manufacturing vision is actually to continue being among the leading industries in the plastics manufacturing by providing solutions to the customer challenges while at the same time creating an environment that is friendly to the employees for increased productivity which is crucial in enabling the continued expansion of the company. However, the company is also facing numerous challenges in changing its business planning model in the attempts of adjusting in order to be able to amicably accommodate the prevailing opportunities posed by the expansion plans. Therefore, the resistance which may be originating from the employees towards the change needs to be addressed to ensure that the expansion process embraces the entire workforce. Hence, in order to adequately address these challenges the company has to face the challenges that include decline in employees morale, declining sales and profits, work ethics, staff adjustments, reduced turnover rates as well as increased job satisfaction (Korper & Ellis, 2001).