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The new rule, which goes into effect after a forty-five day public comment, says "states that districts only have to ensure that the same educational opportunities exist for the other gender, and that they can be offered in a nearby co-ed school." As for single sex class inside of schools the administration will have to be sure that they are offered to each sex (Vlahos, Kelley).

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Same sex parenting essay

As shown in the Summary Table, every study falls into one of four categories: Pro-SS, Pro-CE, Null, or Mixed. If a study's findings all supported SS schooling for a given outcome variable, it was coded as "Pro-SS". If the study's findings all supported CE for a given outcome variable, it would be coded "Pro-CE". A study was coded "Null" if for all findings regarding that outcome variable, there were no differences between the SS and CE schools. A study was coded "Mixed" if the study had significant findings in opposite directions for different subgroups on the same variable. For example, a study would be coded "Mixed" if on a specific outcome, support was found for single-sex schooling in the case of boys and support was found for coeducation in the case of girls. Another example would be a finding favoring single-sex in a 10th-grade sample and coeducation in a 12th-grade sample for the same outcome variable within a single study. If a study had findings that were both pro-SS and null, it was coded a pro-SS; if the study had findings that were both pro-CE and null, it was coded as pro-CE. Only studies with findings favoring both single-sex and coeducation were coded as mixed. It should also be kept in mind that some researchers evaluated multiple outcome variables in their research; therefore, it is possible that a single published study would yield information that appears in multiple rows of the Summary Table.