This grows worse, as many are aware, in 2017.

That will remain the case as long as interest in the Friesian School is , as it is now (at least outside of Germany), and as long as the tendency of contemporary philosophy is to illiberal and irrationalist nihilism, as detailed .

In 2017, this journal has now passed its twenty-first anniversary on the Web.

The German edition was financed by Nelson's , which has continued under some of Nelson's students and their successors as a center for interest in Socratic Method, philosophy of mathematics, politics, and other issues -- although, with a trendy German leftism, not acknowledging the importance of figures like Otto and Hayek for the Friesian tradition.

They must rest on the eternal foundation of righteousness.

Exemplary and supplementary works from recent philosophy may be found under .

Sometimes further exchanges are discontinued when the correspondent has failed to understand that his errors of fact and logic have already been sufficiently critiqued.

Let this be the Palladium of Friesian Philosophy.

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