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The right to form a family is denied by governments by not-recognizing same sex families and by denying the rights otherwise granted by the state to heterosexual families who have not sought legal recognition, but still enjoy several rights. Children can also be denied protection against separation from parents based of a parent's sexual orientation. Lesbians, gay and bisexual couples and individuals are not allowed to adopt a child, even in the case of the child of their same sex partner.

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1867 - The first time that a self-proclaimed gay person spoke out publicly for gay rights (Karl Heinrich Ulrichs)

1869 - First published use of the term homosexuality ('Homosexualität' in German) by Károly Mária Kertbeny

1897 - In Berlin Magnus Hirschfeld founded the Scientific-Humanitarian Committee - the world's first organization committed to ending legal and social intolerance of homosexuals

1969 - The Stonewall Rebellion started on the night of 27/28th June in New York City. It becomes a reference point for the LGBT movement worldwide.

1974 - The first International 'Gay' Rights Conference is held in Edinburgh, Scotland

1981 - The first decision of an international court on sexual orientation issues (European Court of Human Rights: Dudgeon v UK)

1989 - Denmark is the first country in the world to give legal recognition to same-sex partnerships

1999 - Treaty of Amsterdam enters into force (European Union) - the first international treaty to explicitly mention and protect sexual orientation

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In practice, the implementation of existing anti-discrimination provisions is dependent on the political will. Some states created public agencies to investigate (sexual orientation) discrimination, and some of them can initiate legal actions for remedies to the benefit of the victim (The Netherlands, Sweden, Ireland).

People often mistake the terms gender, sex, and sexuality

The Court also held in Salgueiro da Silva Mouta v Portugal that a homosexual father cannot be denied custody of his child based on his (homo)sexual orientation, the matter infringing upon the father's right to family life in Article 8 ECHR. The Court confirmed that Article 14 ECHR (non discrimination) was to be interpreted as including sexual orientation.


Regarding sexual orientation discrimination in the military services, the Court held that the ban on homosexuals in the military was in breach of Article 8 ECHR (Lustig-Prean and Beckett v UK, 2000). Also in 2000, the Court held that, through the conviction of a man for having homosexual group sex in private, a State is in violation of the Convention (A. D. T v UK).

Do algorithms reveal sexual orientation or just expose …

(1949) (article 8, 14)
Sexual orientation is not mentioned explicitly in any of the provisions of the Convention. Nonetheless, the relevance of the Convention (abbreviated as ECHR) was established in a series of cases where the found that discrimination in the criminal law regarding consenting relations between adults in private is contrary to the right to respect for private life in article 8 ECHR (Dudgeon v UK, 1981, Norris v Ireland, 1988, Modinos v Cyprus, 1993). The court was the first international body to find that sexual orientation criminal laws violate human rights and has the longest and largest jurisprudence in addressing sexual orientation issues. The case law also includes an 1997 decision of the European Commission on Human Rights (former first body for individual complaints) that a higher age of consent for male homosexuals acts from that for heterosexual acts was discriminatory treatment contrary to Article 14 ECHR in respect of the enjoyment of the right to privacy (Sutherland v UK).

Orientation definition, the act or process of orienting. See more.

- Homosexuals are subject to the death penalty in twelve countries in the world

- In about 30 countries or provinces lesbians, gays and bisexuals are subject to a discriminatory age of consent

- In more than 40 states around the world same sex acts are illegal

- In about 15 countries or provinces the free association and free expression of lesbians, gays and bisexuals are denied explicitly through legal provisions

- About 30 countries have some form of protection against discrimination based on sexual orientation

- Some form of recognition of same sex partnership exits in 10 countries

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