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Above, you can see the outside of the Globe Theatre during its construction. The Globe was not a remarkable design in Tudor theatre construction, although we think of it as being unique today. Most of the theatres that dottedSouthwark looked very much like this one. The design of the "wooden O" wasfavored because it let in the most light. Plays like , thatare very conscious of a play (for instance, the prologue in apologizes to the audience for the inadequacy of thestage, and asks us to use our imagination) can teach historians and studentsof literature alike how Elizabethan theatre worked, and what the experience of a Shakespearean play would have been like for people who lived during thattime.

When studying Shakespeare, we found that his life revolved around the Globe Theatre.

The Globe Theatre burned to the ground on June 29, 1613, during a performance of Shakespeare’s last history play Henry VIII: Or, All is True, when a special effect, a cannon set light to the thatched roof and the fire quickly spread....

The Globe Theater, also known as Shakespeare’s Globe, ..

William Shakespeare's word, life and his work in the globe theater aren't as familiar to people as they feel.

The Globe Theater, also known as Shakespeare’s Globe, was not only the most important structure for Shakespeare’s dramatic career but also the the pinnacle for the bustling environment with citizens in frenzy for entertainment....