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Louise Ammentorp is a PhD candidate in Developmental Psychology, received her BA in Psychology and Art History from . In her project she explored the study of linguistic meditation and children’s understanding of conflict. Follow the updates on her most recent works .

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I believe Snape became a bully, because that is the only thing he ever knew. He was unloved by his parents and treated just as bad by his peers. He acted out and it carried into his adult life. The only person who influenced him to do good was the only person who showed him compassion and friendship. I believe he pushed her away, because he was pushed into a bad crowd. The only other person who showed him this after Lily was Dumbledore. In all his interactions with Dumbledore, he did not act like the same person he did towards the students/other teachers. He was devastated when he had to make the choice to kill Dumbledore too, because Dumbledore saw more in himself than other people did.

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Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again.

AQ staff have been busy collecting all the interviews conducted at the London premiere of "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix."

Do these really sound like great heroes to you?

Never mind that I had to go down and spend time with my family. Never mind that I had to wake up at 4 AM for work the next morning. Never mind that I have a 113,000 word beast of a manuscript that needs editing. All that mattered was Emma and Henry and Prince Charming and Snow White and Rumpilstiltskin and the Evil Queen.

And how much of it is Alan Rickman’s appeal?

The end result? An amazingly chewy and soft cookie, a cookie that is thick and crinkly on top, a cookie that is chock full of chocolate chunks, cups, and chips. A cookie that’ll bring a chocolate party to your mouth!

Good argument, but it misuses a key term.

As I approached the finale and my mom called me down for dinner, I thought to myself that I’d stop here for the day, 4 episodes was more than enough. But then the writers just had to throw in that game-changer in the last few minutes of the episode and I was a goner.

Snape is totally a tragic hero, and a damn good one.

No seriously, stop it. You sound like those people that think the relationship between Christian Grey and Ana Steele is appropriate and not at all horrifically abusive and 50 shades of NOT OKAY. I don’t care how tear-jerking a video of Snape moments put in chronological order is.

Snape IS a tragic hero. (Microphone drop.)

Let’s talk about the toxic friendship. Let’s talk about the gross expectation that Lily Evans had to fall in love with him and be with him forever because he was such a nice guy to her. Even when he wasn’t.