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Well, I am treating my faith as a ”software” in my body ”hardware”, like other softwares, language, customs, etc. But as it has been loaded in me by my parents or the society in which I am living, it has become such a strong platform, that I am exposing myself to conflicts, in case I do not practise it. The manner in which the software have been loaded in me over the period of time, a virus has developed in me, which is to consider my software of faith as the only right faith and be biased about other faiths. This software has been started by naming me, Bashir, an Islamic name, which means any one providing good news. I know, in case I believe in Almighty as Creator, it was His wish to let me born in a Muslim family in the same way and manner as Some Mr. John was let to take birth in USA in a Christian family or atmosphere. Keeping this belief or formula in background, It should have been sufficient for me to understand that both the aforesaid examples of birth taken place with the wish of God. it further suggests that it is God who creates humans in different faiths. Otherwise would He have been interested in only Islam, the women from the other faiths would have been deprived from conceiving. It is the same for the other faiths as well. Now Mr. John when he knows my name, he shall immediately scan me rather avoid me for having possible links or soft corner for Terrorists. In turn I shall also curse myself for being that what I am present. We both are sufferers from the under reference virus of biasness. The unfortunate phenomena of this virus are that it is also found in a particular faith. Like Muslims v/s Shiats, Catholics v/s Protestants so on and so fore. Wars fought, massacres, humans burned alive, towers air dashed, people of smaller countries / societies kept hostages after putting forth lame excuses for substantiating the ill will. The examples could be endless. It is not easy to change, but let us first reform ourselves; others are there to join us.

Can Someone Write My Essay For Me

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