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Distracted driving, drowsy driving, and driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs raise the risk of teen drivers crashing. Other behaviors, such as not wearing a seat belt or speeding, are known to increase the likelihood of injury or death if a crash occurs.

6.) You fear that when driving you may cause an accident that brings harm to you and others.

Lots of people with driving anxiety seek methods on how to relax while driving. This is a mistake. The more one tries to relax while driving, the more anxious or nervous they will feel. This is the nature of anxiety. If you try to fight it, it will persist and increase. This is why anxiety specialists, like us, focus our methods on how to help those face anxiety gradually, in order to reduce it and regain confidence in driving. People's natural instincts are to fight anxiety, which paradoxically gets them into more trouble and worsens their driving anxiety symptoms. To overcome fear of driving, one must face their fears and drive with anxiety while practicing CBT strategies and exercises designed to beat it! This is the only proven way out of the driving fear door!

*You can do this! You can overcome anxiety and fear!

4.)  with Dr. April in the car helping you cope while coaching you as you gradually face your fear.

- Panic attacks while on a bridge or when approaching a bridge while driving. However, often times, the mere thought of an aniticipated drive over a bridge can lead to panic. And sometimes, even random thoughts of crossing a bridge can lead to severe anxiety.

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1.) You often avoid driving outside of your comfort zone, which could be limited to an area around your neighborhood, a certain amount of mileage, specific roads, or simply driving on side streets while avoiding the freeway or highway altogether.

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3.) When you are driving or anticipating driving, you often experience a great degree of anxiety, which can include physical symptoms such as, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, breathing struggles, shaking and trembling, sweating, nausea, tingling of the hands, and many more.

Driver’s travel and driving behaviour risk indicators

5.) You have (or fear having) while driving, which may involve many of the above physical symptoms and the feeling that you may lose control of yourself, the car and sometimes reality.

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"After 6 months of suffering with panic attacks, I called Dr. April. After just three sessions, I was able to manage my feelings of panic."

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(*If any of the above symptoms sound familiar to you, then you most likely have a fear that requires The April Center's specialized driving anxiety treatment program.)