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At the same time that the spontaneous generation debate was waning, the exploded onto the scene in 1859. That theory had no immediate economic impact, and scientists have pursued it relatively free of vested-interest influence. Western science has progressed through several phases. Since those , early scientists struggled with the Church’s suppression efforts as well as the attacks of their peers, but by the Enlightenment, of the . and reigned, and many saw nature as a . The early 1800s witnessed the , which and in which approaches, , and emotions were appreciated. The late 1800s saw the rise of , which placed all authoritative knowledge within a framework of the senses (and their extensions) and logic. I have called it the rationalist-materialist paradigm, and it is still highly influential in the ranks of establishment science. Then the 20th century’s relativity and quantum theory led to something , with that , which mainstream scientists have yet to resolve.

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England had nearly a century’s head start on the competition with its Industrial Revolution, which is why it became the world’s triumphant imperial power, to be later supplanted by its offspring and rival, the USA. Turning coal into an industrial fuel, for smelting iron and powering machines, initiated the Industrial Revolution, and the next big innovation was making machines to replace hands. English inventors , and the 1760s and 1770s were the golden age of spinning innovation, and the , , and were all invented. By the 1790s, people using such machines . I call one worker with a machine outperforming 150 people without one an energy-and-technology-leveraged human. Energy-powered technology allowed a person to vastly outperform humans without it. Was that person 150 times more dexterous? Smarter? Faster? Stronger? The machine did the work, not the person, and energy made it all happen, not the equipment. Without energy to run it, machinery is useless, but without human-made technology, the energy was unavailable. Such machines would never have been without the available energy to run them. Those early spinning machines ran on water power from the .

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If the effort reached a , it was then targeted for organized suppression, which could originate from the , , , or levels (always at the behest of private interests). , from subtle sabotage to billion dollar bribes to seizure under national security laws to media smear campaigns to imprisonment on trumped-up charges to murder; the aspirants' inexperience and naïveté regarding the field of disruptive energy technology, as well as their human foibles, made those development and distribution efforts particularly susceptible to organized suppression, which rarely needed to become overt or severe.

Significant Energy Events in Earth's and Life's History as of 2014

Perhaps the next most common reaction for those not denying that FE is possible is (they may outnumber those who will gladly accept FE delivered to their homes and labs). Their fears are usually stated to be around weaponizing FE or using it to destroy Earth’s remaining ecosystems. Both fears seem misplaced, and a close reading of history does not support them. All , so the would disappear if economic abundance existed. When there was economic abundance, people lived in peace in their . Raping Earth with FE , because there would not be any good reason to and very good reasons to not. The solar system could easily meet all of humanity's material needs, , and there would be no need to rape Earth. kill, rape, and plunder for the sheer joy of it, but everybody else does due to scarcity. Those who fear misuse believe that people will not wake up if the means of abundance are delivered to them, or that the vast majority who quickly would could not police those slow to understand (or the psychopaths who might never). That fear reflects a negative view of humanity that I do not share. I doubt that the masses , but they wake up when it is. I doubt that humanity is that stupid, and I am willing to take the chance that humanity can become a . The , and Earth is still intact. After witnessing that fear reaction many times, it seemed to me to camouflage other, deeper fears. I have never succeeded in engaging such people in a rational conversation regarding those fears. I eventually suspected that they really feared abundance and seemed . They built their entire lives around surviving in a world of scarcity and saw abundance as a threat to their existence. Such reactions are , and for similar reasons. They know that the world as they know it will end with FE, they are afraid that their role in that new world will be diminished, and prefer the devil they know. In some cases, they that devil. I have rather than question their beliefs and indoctrination, and that phenomenon seems related to that knee-jerk fear that people express when FE is even .