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Today, in Ethiopia “an estimated 4.6 million children” are growing up without parents, states the organization’s website. “Our towns are vibrant, democratic, self-governing communities run by the young people themselves. These children need the basic necessities to receive a chance in life.”

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The approaching 25th anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and culmination of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) provide critical opportunities to reexamine the commitments the world made to its children, and to reaffirm the importance of monitoring as a means to identify gaps in implementation and right the wrong of exclusion. Many actors contribute to this effort including non-government organizations, governments, universities and local communities, making it possible to address children’s needs and advance their rights using the facts derived from data to target investments and interventions that reach the most vulnerable children.

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Honorable mentions for the UNICEF 2013 Photo of the Year Award include () for “The Price of Precious” and (2013 Alexia Student Grant Winner) for her photo series on domestic violence “Shane and Maggie” among other captivating photo essays.

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Nini added: “We felt morally obligated to give back. Even though my friends and I feel grateful for the security, opportunity, education and better life that we enjoy in our adoptive country, the United States, we wanted to assist those who have less opportunities in Ethiopia. The goal of Wegene is to enable hardworking, poor families to meet their daily needs and send their children to school in a sustainable way.”

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UNICEF releases . The report marks the thirtieth anniversary of the standardized, global statistical tables. It presents the latest data on the situations of children along with a brief essay discussing the numbers and their potential to spur positive change for the world’s 2.2 billion children.

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“The core group managing the program has been providing mentoring and tutoring services for more than a decade in the Washington DC metro area and comprises of accomplished individuals. Tayitu Cultural & Educational Center encourages local area parents to participate and get their children registered in this exciting opportunity,” stated the press release from TCEC, adding that “Tayitu calls on volunteers to join the program and be role models to our children by helping in schoolwork and occasionally getting involved in sports, arts and other scheduled programing.”