Maybe, somewhere in the future...

Fifty years ago it was he who directed the English language world premiere and he has returned to this extraordinary classic in recent years to increasingly superlative reviews."Beckett: Waiting for Godot by David Bradby
Cambridge University Press, 2001

But the ultimate aim of it all, what is it?

At the end of the road at the end of the world, where Prometheus is nailed to the rock-having himself reached rock-bottom even though he is on a mountain topwe have the clearest view of what happened on that road.

After a while Pozzo enters, leading Lucky on a rope.

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Lincoln Center Theatre (Oxford World's Classics)This selection of seven of Moliere's prose plays includes "Precious Provincials," "The Would-be Gentleman," "Don Juan," "The Reluctant Doctor," "Scapin the Schemer," "The Miser," and "George Dandin."

As the name Pierrot comes from Pierre, so Godot may come from God.

Giacometti once said that he was sculpting not the human figure but "the shadow that is cast."His favorite word, Beckett once said, is "Perhaps."Staying with Shakespeare, it seems impossible, now that we have Godot behind us, not to feel Beckett's presence in that graveyard in Hamlet, with the clown/gravedigger singing while he digs up skulls.

Beckett himself has repudiated all theories of a symbolic nature.

(Chaplin's?) Lee Strasberg, the notorious teacher of American Method acting, told his students, "There are times when you pick up your shoes and see through them your whole life."...

The fundamental imagery of the play is Christian.

Seeing that his friend, stabbed by the poisonous sword, is approaching death, Horatio, more antique Roman than Dane, reaches for the poisoned cup in order to commit suicide.

Even the tree recalls the Tree of Knowledge and the Cross.

So too did the simplicity of his rectangular slab, flat on the ground (and easily missed, which I did at first), inscribed only with the names and dates-his wife "Suzanne Beckett, nee Dechevaux Dumesnil, 1900-1989," then a space, then "Samuel Beckett, 1906-1989."...

Their strange relationship is a kind of marriage.

Tonight, we look into what has made this theatrical masterpiece stand the test of time." * scenes from "Waiting for Godot" in the On Point studio

.4: Directing Public (Notes): time manipulation.

Over the last 50 years, Waiting for Godot has been performed on the four corners of the earth, on Broadway, in summer stock, and even in San Quentin Penitentiary.