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Okay, we've established that you have to first pick a side when answering an ACT writing prompt. Now, let's discuss what you are being tested on and what skillz you should show off because, let's face it, you have a lot to show off. Shake it.

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You'll need to use specific examples and reasons to support your position. Maybe you think uniforms in public schools are a swell idea that will keep you from agonizing over your wardrobe every morning, so you argue that uniforms will prevent students from wasting precious time that could be used to study. Or that school uniforms are a great way to eliminate the jealousy and other bad feelings that might crop up if half the class can afford Manolo Blahnik and the other half can't.

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The second paragraph of the prompt—the part that begins "In your essay, take a position on this question"—will be the same in every single ACT essay. Sweet! The first thing you should do is pick a side, any side. You can take one of the two positions mentioned in the prompt (school uniforms: yay!, or school uniforms: boo!). In rare instances, you can present a third option to the debate, but we will discuss this later.

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You support school uniforms because gang violence is a problem at your school and uniforms would prevent students from wearing their gang colors? Perfect.

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ACT prompts will always give a couple of starter examples along with the central debate (like eradicating cliques versus allowing for individuality), but keep in mind that these are just meant to get you thinking about the debate. The examples you will present in your essay can use these general topics but should be much more specific.

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You think school uniforms are an awful idea because the way you dress is an expression of who you are, and high school is hard enough without taking that away? Nice.